We plan
paleo & gluten free meals.

  • Thoughtfully plan a “real food” weekly menu
  • Provide a printable grocery list
  • Give step-by-step prep-day instructions


You savor
the deliciousness.

  • Cook today’s prepared meal
  • Set table for loved ones
  • Dish it out and enjoy

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How to Chop Beets

How to Chop Beets – The Quick & Easy Way

Ever find yourself staring down a beet and not quite sure where to attack? Today’s video shares tips for how to chop a beet – quickly & easily. Read more….

Paleo and Gluten Free Rum Balls

Boozy Puerto Rican Rum Balls

Inspired by my time on the Island, my gluten free and paleo Rum Balls pay tribute to the dark rum that Puerto Ricans love so much! Read more….

Gluten Free Pizza Soup

Gluten Free Pizza Soup

Say goodbye to pizza delivery! My Gluten Free Pizza has all of the flavors of your favorite pepperoni pie without all of the fat and calories. Read more…

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