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How Prep Dish Works


Receive real-food meal plans via email (you get both gluten free & Paleo plans!)


Breeze through grocery shopping with our printable, organized shopping lists.


Spend only 2-3 hours prepping a week of meals using our easy-to-follow instructions.


Simply heat & eat! Dish up a healthy, whole-food meal your entire family will love! Yum!

How Prep Dish makes life so much simpler

No more thinking. No more stress. No more meal time guesswork.


We provide you with a grocery list for a complete weekly game plan for food.


We provide step-by-step instructions for prepping your meals:

1 day in the week of 2-3 hrs prep time for chopping, marinating, mixing sauces, etc.


Go into the week feeling accomplished & looking forward to meal time. Each daily prep time per meal is a quick and easy 20-30 minutes. Pepperjam Verification

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Prep Dish makes planning dinner easy and stress free 

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