"It was so easy to get everything ready. Prep Dish made me feel less stressed knowing that everything was all set to go for the week."

~ Katie P.

Do You Dread the “What's for Dinner?” Question?

You don't have to! You have enough on your mind, let us worry about mealtime.

Learn How to Prep Your Meals for an Entire Week in Just…

A Few Hours!

Save money with done-for-you weekly meal plan and grocery list

Save Money

We provide a done-for-you meal plan and grocery list every week.

Save time learning how to prep meals for the whole week in a few hours

Save Time

We provide step-by-step instructions that show you how to prep in one day.

Eat healthy meals all week

Eat Healthy

Dish and enjoy the delicious ‘real food' you prepared at meal time!

How It Works!

Each week you'll get to choose from 4 healthy meal plan menus (Super Fast, Gluten-Free, Paleo or Low Carb) that include an organized, color-coded grocery list, and simple step-by-step prep day instructions.

All you do is…

How Prep Dish Works - Get Groceries

Get Groceries

How Prep Dish Works - Prep Meals

Prep Meals

How Prep Dish Works - Heat, Eat and Enjoy!

Heat, Eat & Enjoy!

Our Fans Love Us… You Will Too!

The need to plan and prep ahead of time becomes totally necessary once school is in full swing since I’m juggling 3 sets of after school activities and often find myself cooking dinner in between dropping someone off and picking someone else up! Prep Dish is really a lifesaver for busy evenings like this.
Michele, Paleo Running Momma

My favorite part about Prep Dish… it is created by registered dietitian Allison Schaaf, and because it is created by a RDN and trained chef, you can trust that your meals are balanced and nutritious! I fell in love with the meal plan. There were so many things that I wanted to make. What an amazing menu!
Amanda, Nutritionist Reviews

Ready to Make Meal Time Quick, Easy & Enjoyable?

Try our free 7-day trial to find out how much easier it will be to dish up a healthy, whole-food meal your entire family will love!

Prep Dish Helps You…

Save Money

Shop for only what you need with our done-for-you weekly meal plan and organized grocery list.

Save Time

Prep a week of meals for your entire family in just a few hours with our easy prep day how-to instructions.

Savor More

Savor delicious healthy meals and the extra time you'll be spending with your family at mealtime!

See How Prep Dish is Changing the Way Thousands of Families Do Dinner Time!

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