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Each week you'll get to choose from 4 healthy meal plans!

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Then, you simply follow our easy method…

How Prep Dish Works - Get Groceries

Get Groceries

Download or print your weekly grocery list of nutritious foods and shop for exactly what you need to make meals for the entire week.
How Prep Dish Works - Prep Meals

Prep Meals

Follow our simple instructions on how to prep for a week of meals in just a few hours. It's so easy with Prep Dish's step-by-step approach!

How Prep Dish Works - Heat, Eat and Enjoy!

Heat, Eat & Enjoy!

At mealtime, simply heat, eat, and enjoy healthy meals all week! Discover how Prep Dish is changing the way families do dinner time.

Ready to Prep & Dish?

Prep Dish Meal Plan
Family Eating Healthy Meal at the Dinner Table

Never worry about “What's for Dinner?” again!

With our free 7-day trial, you can discover how much easier it will be to dish up a healthy, whole-food meal your entire family will love… all while saving time and money! 

Family Eating Healthy Meal at the Dinner Table

Our Fans Love Us!

The meal plans, grocery lists, and instructions are beautifully designed. Everything is color coded and the recipe ingredients correspond with the recipe number.

I really appreciated how the grocery list was laid out in an easy to follow format. It made it quite easy to substitute certain ingredients for those I already had on hand.

I usually do all the cooking in the house, but one of the  nights my husband followed the Prep Dish directions and finished dinner for us!

We both appreciated how quickly and easily the dinners came together on a night where cereal, yogurt, or canned chili were the feasible options. I also loved how because the meals seemed so elegant, we made it a point to sit down and eat them together (even with the crazy schedules).

Overall, I loved that the meal plans brought a pop of unexpected delicious flavor and a great deal of variety to our week.

We ate ‘real food' dinners all week, even when our schedules got super hectic!”

Kelli, Hungry Hobby

Davida, The Healthy Maven

“Prep Dish got me out of my food rut! Chipotle Bison Veggie Chile. Insanely delicious! I am so happy I did this!”


Katie, Rhubarb & Linen

“It was so easy to get everything ready. Prep Dish made me feel less stressed knowing that everything was all set to go for the week!”

No Stress. No Guesswork.

Go into the week feeling accomplished and looking forward to meal time knowing everything is ready. Prep Dish makes healthy cooking quick, easy and enjoyable! Plans starting less than $3 per week…

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