Meet Allison Schaaf

Chef | Nutritionist | Registered Dietitian | Founder & CEO | Mom

For seven years and counting, Allison has made her way into the hearts and kitchens of home cooks all over the globe. Prep Dish was created after a decade as a personal chef and gourmet chef at high-end spas because she knew there was a more efficient, cost-effective, and sanity-saving way to put healthy, crowd-pleasing meals on the table.

Allison's goal is to help make meal time-efficient, healthy and of course, tasty!

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We believe healthy eating can be easy & enjoyable!

Our goals are simple, we want to:

  • Save you time & decrease stress
  • Ensure healthy & gluten-free tastes delicious
  • Bring back family dinners
  • Create happier, healthier people!

We are with you every step of the way with grocery lists, prep day, & day-of instructions.

Meet the Team

Melody Maki Prep Dish Customer Service

Melody Maki

Customer Service

Melody is a wife to her husband of 14 years and mom to their three beautiful girls. They have had the opportunity to live in (and love!) several places all over the country but are currently in the North Country of New York. Melody loves to read and spend time with her family and has always liked trying new recipes in the kitchen. Her favorite time to cook is when she isn’t in a hurry and can enjoy the process. Melody is grateful to be part of the Prep Dish team and everything it stands for in helping busy families get back to the dinner table with easy, nutritious meals.
Melody's Favorite Recipes:
Meri Raffetto Prep Dish Meal Plan Editor

Meri Raffetto

Meal Plan Editor

Meri is a Registered Dietitian, author, and triplet mom living in Southern California. As the meal plan editor at Prep Dish, she is always excited to create new monthly menus and help with content from blogs to newsletters. Growing up Italian-American, the kitchen was where everything happened! Celebrations, hard times, or just everyday issues were centered around a meal. Working for Prep Dish allows Meri to do the work she loves and to help others who share those same meal-time values.
Meri's Favorite Recipes:
Meri Raffetto Prep Dish Meal Plan Editor
prep dish team members

Helen Henson

Customer Service and Editorial Assistant

Helen is wife to her husband, Jared, for seventeen years and mother to five delightful kids, ranging in ages from 14 down to 4.  She lives on her own slice of paradise in central North Carolina, and raises a passel of farm animals, including beef cows, dairy goats, chickens, and ducks in addition to her kids. She enjoys time in the kitchen preserving food, making cheese, and trying new foods and flavors.  Helen appreciates how Prep Dish makes meal planning and eating well so simple.

Helen's Favorite Recipes:
Christina Clemer Prep Dish Editor

Christina Clemer

Assistant Content Editor & Creator

Christina lives in Austin, TX with her husband and two kids. She graduated from Georgetown University with a finance degree and has experience in business consulting, education and freelance writing. Christina loves running, hiking and working toward her goal of visiting every national park.
Christina's Favorite Recipes:
Christina Clemer Prep Dish Editor
Kate Teodoro Prep Dish Customer Service

Kate Teodoro

Customer Service

Kate is a mom of two young kids ages 7 and 5. She and her husband recently moved to a super small town in Eastern Washington and they love it. There are rivers, lakes, orchards, farmland and lots of sunshine! They are both very passionate about leading a healthy lifestyle and setting a good example for their kids, whether it's eating good food, working out, getting out into nature, and playing with the kids. She loves to cook most everything from scratch and is always up for a new adventure! Kate loves working at Prep Dish because she believes that all families deserve to eat healthy food and it should be something they do together! Prep Dish makes that possible.
Kate's Favorite Recipes:
5 Stars

“Prep Dish makes life so much simpler!”

No more thinking. No more stress. No more meal time guesswork.

Natalie Testimonial

"Thank you Allison & Prep Dish!!! The food is delicious and we are both feeling better. Steven has lost at least 10 pounds and I am down about 5 pounds. Woohoo! The best part is that it doesn't feel like we are on a diet or anything, just eating healthy :)"

Natalie, Busy Mom on a Mission

Lisa Testimonial

"I think planning ahead is key when it comes to avoiding processed food. And that's because it's those times when you don't have a plan that you find yourself looking for a quick option, which sometimes ends up being the drive through."

Lisa, Founder of 100 Days of Real Food

Jessica Testimonial

"We are saving hundreds of dollars a month now that we use Prep Dish. I never realized how much money we were wasting each week going out to eat for lunch and dinner! We decided to put the savings into a future college account for our daughter instead."

Jessica, Full-Time Working Mom


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