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Nutrition Facts: The “Skinny” on Why I Don’t Use Them

It’s time to talk shop about nutrition facts, and why I think it’s more important to look at which foods you are eating vs what’s in the foods your eating. Read more…


Chicken Vegetable Soup

Classic Chicken Vegetable Soup Recipe

My version of Classic Chicken Vegetable Soup is just that…a classic! No fancy ingredients or cooking techniques. It’s perfectly kid-friendly and has all of the flavors that you have known and loved since childhood. Can’t you just taste it now?! Read more….


TMAC Fitness Workout Videos

TMAC Fitness Workouts + Challenge Partner

By popular demand, Todd McCullough with TMAC Fitness is back for our next Challenge! To you get started, Todd has given us 3 free fitness videos for you to start with. Watch now…


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Your Diet Legacy and Your Daughter

I am excited to introduce our guest blogger, Debi Silber. She has written us a very timely blog post on creating a diet legacy, our mindset on the subject, and how it affects our children. Read more…