1) What exactly is included in each meal plan?

Recipes for how to prep ahead the following each week:
– 4 meals
– 1 breakfast
– 1 snack
– 1 dessert

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2) How many does each recipe serve?

The recipes serve 4, making them perfect for families. Singles and couples often use the leftovers for additional dinners or lunches or cut the recipes in half. You can also easily double or triple if you need to serve more than 4 or have hungry teenagers to feed!

3) Why not 7 meals?

I find that most people have go-to recipes they still like to use and also, with busy lives, eating away from home some nights is inevitable.

4) Will my kids like it?

Yes, many of our subscribers have kiddos at home and report back that their kids love the meals and are even trying new foods. Of course, every family is different! For less than $3 per week, it's worth a try!

5) Do I have to choose between Gluten-Free or Paleo or Keto?

No! Each week you'll receive an email with links to all meal plans, and you choose week-to-week which plan works best for you. Learn more about how Prep Dish works!

6) What if there's a meal I know my family won't like?

Skipping a meal is simple, each menu item is numbered so removing the grocery items and instructions for that item is easy!

7) What if I don't eat Gluten-Free or Paleo or Keto?

Many of our subscribers don't. At the core, the meal plans are simply real whole foods with no processed ingredients, ever.

8) Do you offer AIP or Whole 30 compliant meal plans?

Yes! Please visit our Specialty Meal Plans page for details.

9) Do you offer vegetarian meal plans?

We do not offer vegetarian plans at this time. We include 1 vegetarian meal per week on most weeks for the Gluten-Free meal plans. Some subscribers use our meal plans and use substitutions to make vegetarian meals.

10) What if we are a dairy-free, nut-free or seafood-free household?

Dairy is always optional. And each week I provide substitution ideas that make nut-free & seafood-free simple! The plans can easily be adapted for most other modifications as well, and I'm always happy to help with substitution ideas.

11) Can I have my groceries delivered to me?

Absolutely! There are great grocery delivery services nationwide. We provide links to Thrive Market, US Wellness Meats and Butcher Box. You will need to double check the list before purchasing your groceries to make sure all the swaps are accurate. Let us know if you have any questions. We have compiled a list of the most popular grocery delivery services.

12) Do your plans work with any list making apps so I can have a digital grocery list?

Yes! Each week, we send an email with a link to your grocery list in .txt format that can be uploaded to your favorite application. Some of the most popular applications our subscribers report using are:
– Evernote
– Wonderlist
– Trello
– Shopper
– Inkboard
– AnyList
– ListEase
– Google Keep
– Grocery IQ

13) How much will my grocery bill be? Will I save money?

We definitely understand the balance between living healthy and living on a budget. In general, Prep Dish customers report a cost savings when using the meal plans for 3 reasons:

#1 money not spent eating out
#2 using all groceries that are purchased (no wasted produce!)
#3 utilization of in-season produce

However, the plans are not created with a specific budget in mind and grocery cost is not something that is tracked.

14) What does “#” mean in your grocery list or prep day?

Great question. In my meal plans “#” means pound, as in 1 pound of ground beef. Of course, on social media you are welcome to tag us as #prepdish!

15) What is your cancellation policy?

You may cancel your subscription at any time. Here's more details on our policy.

16) When do your meal plans go live each month on the customer log-in?

We publish our meal plans on the customer log-in site the Friday before the first of the month at 8am CST. Additionally, customers receive a weekly email on Friday at approximately 11am CST that includes the meal plan for that week plus a note from Allison, tips and swap ideas for the week, bonus recipes, and more!

17) Will I have access to past month's meal plans?

Yearly and Premium subscribers have access to the full year's meal plans via our customer-log in. Monthly subscribers have access to the current month only. Compare the features of our plans! We encourage all subscribers to download a copy of the meal plans to their computer or cloud drive each week. If you are a monthly subscriber and would like to upgrade, please contact [email protected].

18) What do I do with the time saved from using the meal plans?

Umm, relax, read a book, play with your kiddos, listen to a podcast, go for a walk. 🙂

19) What if I still have questions?

Email us right here!

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