"It was so easy to get everything ready. Prep Dish made me feel less stressed knowing that everything was all set to go for the week."

~ Katie P.

Meal Planning Tips 101: Prep Day

Prep Day is the cornerstone to the Prep Dish system. This is time you set aside each week, about 1-3 hours, to prep all of the meals for this week. Imagine your fridge fully stocked with pre-chopped, pre-marinated, ready to eat meals for the *entire* week! Nirvana, right?! Read more…

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How to Chop Fennel

Fennel is probably one of the most underutilized veggies at the grocery store, but please do not shy away from it! Today's blog post talks about how to chop and prepare this delicious veggie. Read more…

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How to Chop Plantains

Plantains can be hard to peel and chop because of their high starch content, which can prove challenging if you are not familiar with the fruit. With my quick video tips, you will be able to chop plantains in no time flat! Read more…

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