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Give Your Produce a Vinegar Bath

Fresh fruits and vegetables are simple and delicious options for healthy, gluten-free snacking and are essential to PrepDish meal plans. However, the journey from seed to plate can turn these nutrition packed fruits and vegetables into germ havens – even with organic produce. That's why the first step of any prep day in a PrepDish meal plan is to wash all of the fresh produce. From there it's all ready to be chopped, diced, and sliced in preparation for the week's meals!

We're frequently asked “what is the best way to clean produce?” There are many options out there ranging from chemicals to soap and water. However, if your looking for a green and cost-effective way to clean up that produce, our favorite way is to give the produce a bath in white vinegar and water. Research suggests that this simple trick can remove pesticides and kill up to 98% of bacteria.

Next time you get home from your grocery store run, take a few minutes and give your fruits and veggies a vinegar bath to get them ready to go. You’ll be happy during the busy days when the fridge is full of clean produce ready for easy chopping, snacking, and cooking.

How to give your produce a vinegar bath:

1. Give your kitchen sink a good scrubbing with a non-toxic cleaner.

2. Arrange all of your produce in your clean kitchen sink. (Yes even the melon. Cutting into this fruit can transfer germs from the outside into the fleshy portion you eat).

 photo (1)

3. Fill up the sink with water and white vinegar to cover the produce. You should have about 1 part white vinegar to 3 parts water. No need to make the water scalding hot. Let the produce soak for about two minutes.

photo (6)

4. Drain the sink and rinse off the produce to remove any lingering vinegar. If you don't have a large enough sink, try placing the veggies in a large bowl and follow the same procedure outlined above.

photo (4)

5. Let the produce dry on a towel or use a clean paper towel to pat dry.

photo (8)

6. Chop up your produce for snacking and cooking or leave whole and ready to grab.

7. Enjoy the ease of pre-cleaned produce!

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  1. Blanche Teyssier says

    American test kitchen just reported that the dirtiest place in the kitchen is the bottom of the sink. Step one should be to clean the sink! 🙂


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