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Feb 6 – 26

For only $21, you will learn to-

Save money with done-for-you weekly meal plan and grocery list

Save Money

We provide a done-for-you meal plan and grocery list every week.

Save time learning how to prep meals for the whole week in a few hours

Save Time

We provide step-by-step instructions to do meal prep in only ONE HOUR! 

Eat healthy meals all week

Eat Healthy

Dish and enjoy the delicious ‘real food' you prepared at meal time!


With Prep Dish Meal Plans
  • Don't even think about mealtime, we've got you covered
  • Step-by-step meal prep guides
  • Tips and tricks for successful meal prep
  • Easy-to-follow menu for your entire week of meals – breakfast, dinner, salad, dessert & snacks
  • Tasty, healthy recipes your whole family will enjoy!
  • Real food based menus that are paleo, gluten-free, dairy-optional


With Our Organized Grocery Lists & SUPER FAST Meal Plans

  • No more wandering the grocery store aisles without a plan
  • No more coming up with an answer out of thin air when your family asks, “What’s for dinner?”
  • Only ONE HOUR of meal prep has you set up for the week! 
  • A healthy & tasty dinner is ready in about 15-30 mins
  • Mealtime stress is replaced with mealtime bliss
  • Spend less time doing dishes and enjoy more family or you time


With Yourself
  • Know exactly what to eat and when
  • A fridge full of healthy & tasty meals made by you – ready to go when you need them!
  • Experience 3 weeks of increased energy & health
  • Access to a private Facebook accountability group for extra support!
  • Feel confident knowing you are taking steps to a better you =)


See a sample menu, below! 

challenge bonus

We provide step-by-step meal prep instructions so you prepare these tasty, yummy recipes in just ONE HOUR per week! No more scrambling at dinner time!

A Note from Allison, founder of Prep Dish:

No matter what your health goals are this year, we know one thing, spending loads of time to prep healthy meals is NOT an option. That's why we've designed this challenge specifically to SAVE TIME. 

We will be with you every step of the way- with grocery lists, super fast meal prep instructions and of course, delicious meals your whole family will enjoy! While this year may not be going according to your plan, we're here to ensure you have a solid, fool proof plan in place for quick, easy & healthy meals!

What Other Challenge Participants Have to Say!

Thank you for changing my evenings, my attitude, and helping my family be healthier!

“I have loved your service! Having a plan has changed my evenings. Instead of using the last bit of my patience and creativity to come up with a dinner, however well-planned, I know exactly what the complete meal is and can help my kiddos through the nasty witching hour!
Now I am less distracted when I talk to them about their day and help with homework or just play!”

Sarah J.

Even my kids, who can be typical picky eaters from time to time, have been gobbling up the food.

“We are on week 2 of our meal plan and I have to say that we love it! Even my kids, who can be typical picky eaters from time to time, have been gobbling up the food we've been making from the plan. Grocery shopping has been a breeze and I am loving that I don't have to sit in front of a bunch of cookbooks each weekend trying to find something new to cook. I'm getting the chance to enjoy my weekends again! Thank you for doing the hard work for me!”


I've even lost a few pounds eating so healthy!

“I'm a new subscriber and I just want to tell you that I love your program!! The food is so healthy. It's delicious. You have a gluten-free option. You are the bomb!! I've even lost a few pounds eating so healthy! (I'm using a lot of exclamation marks, haha!) Thank you for all the effort you put into making tasty recipes and sharing helpful videos. My husband has had nothing but praise for your recipes.”

Beth Ann

I have tried numerous meal planning services and nothing compares.

“I have fallen in love with this meal planning service. I have tried numerous meal planning services (at least 6) and once a month meal cooking and even home meal delivery services. Nothing compares to what you gals have created!!! Keep up the great work and thanks for helping to make the world a healthier place!


Recap of What You Get


  • 3 Weeks of Done-For-You Shopping Lists So You Can Shop Once A Week ($15 value)  
  • 3 Weeks of Breakfast, Salad, Dinner, Dessert and Snacks
  • Recipes that Leave You Feeling GOOD Without Ever Feeling Deprived ($25 value) 
  • 24/7 Access To The Private Challenge Facebook Group For Extra Support, Inspiration & Fun! ($19.99 value) 
  • Emails to Keep You on Track & Motivated ($21 value)
  • A Solid Plan So You Cook Once A Week — Just Heat Each Night & Serve (save stress — priceless!)  

Total Value: $110.99

Your Cost: only $21!!!

Prep Dish Challenge - What You Get
Frequently Asked Questions
I have a range of ages and tastes to cook for and they all want something different. How can I make the 21-Day Prep Dish Challenge work for my family?
One of the biggest challenges I hear about is picky eaters… and one thing I consistently hear from Prep Dish customers is that these meals are so good that they help make picky eaters more adventurous. Your family will get to try a new meal every day, so if they don’t like it, you don’t make it again. You might be surprised at what they DO love, and just like that — a new go-to crowd pleaser!
Will I lose weight during the 21-Day Prep Dish Challenge?
The challenge is not meant to be a weight-loss program, but many, many people report that they drop a few pounds after eating healthier for 3 weeks. It’s a nice little perk of eating well!
I’m not gluten-free or Paleo. Will this be hard?

Our goal is that you don't even realize these recipes are gluten-free or paleo.  We just like to refer to them as delicious meals!  With recipes like Basil Aioli Chicken Wraps and Slow Cooker Italian Pork Shoulder w/ Fingerling Potatoes & Broccoli, your taste buds won't miss the gluten!  You’ll also feel better since you won’t be eating foods that slow you down and cause inflammation. 

How is the 21-Day Challenge different from the regular Prep Dish plan?

This Challenge is designed to save you MORE time.  We have crafted 3 weeks of SUPER FAST meal plans, meaning your meal prep will ONLY TAKE ONE HOUR (or less!).  Our standard meal plans require 1-3 hours of prep each week. 

Is this a complicated system?

Not at all! Each week, you’ll get the shopping list, which you can easily modify if your family size is different.

Then, since it’s all planned out in advance, you’ll only need to buy exactly what you need. No leftover half-onions at the end of the week and no waste!

Are the recipes kid-friendly?
While I wish I could wave a magic wand and make everyone a versatile eater, kids can be tricky. That said, many mothers tell me that these recipes have helped their kids expand their palettes, big time. Many kids (and adult tough customers) appreciate that dinner is different every single night, and often this leads to finding a new favorite that is way healthier than pasta or chicken nuggets.

As Sarah J. said, “My kids are more willing to try new things because ‘new’ is now normal and they that know unless they love it, they don't have to see it again. So helpful for developing new tastes and preferences!”

Still on the fence? Take a couple of minutes to read about Karen's experience during our 21-Day Prep Dish Challenge in January…
“I loved this challenge and will definitely be continuing with the weekly meal plans. The whole meal planning model with step-by-step instructions is an amazing concept and a life-changing new routine for our family.

While, I admit, the first week I wasn't sure where it was taking me and I REALLY hoped the prep day effort would pay off in the end, it DID and in so many ways – healthy, delicious meals all week long (vs falling back on quick, often processed foods for weeknight meals), time saved, and money saved with less ordering out for lunch and dinner. It is an all around WIN and I feel so good about what I am preparing for me and my family.

After 3 weeks, I am now comfortable enough with the plan layout that I can adapt it for our family's needs (mostly lunch and supper) and sometimes incorporate one of our traditional favourites into the prep routine. We have tried several new foods this month for the first time (lemongrass, spaghetti squash) that will now become part of our regular stock. Thank you, Allison Schaaf!”

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