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Learn Top Secrets to a Successful Personal Chef Company!

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I started my personal chef company over 5 years ago and spent loads of time (and $$) talking to Allison Stevenscoaches, dietitians, chefs, accountants, attorneys, state officials and more. Year 1 I had 6 clients, worked many hours and was making less than my first job out of college. I am in the midst of Year 5 and have found a stable, sustainable workload of only 5 clients, including a celebrity client. All my clients travel and cancel services frequently. I cook only 1-3 days per week and never more than 5 hours of actual cooking each day. I take vacations & time off for Christmas. I now spend only ~20 hours per week on the personal chef business (many weeks it is less than this). Had I known what I know now just starting out, my income would have increased and workload decreased at a much faster rate. My goal is to get you on the fast track to a successful personal chef company and help you maintain a long-term, thriving, happy relationship between chef and client. I am confident that my materials & coaching will pay for itself if you have the motivation & dedication to follow through.

Note: my outcomes are my results alone. Number of clients and income generated depends on you and your efforts and experience. I do not guarantee any results, results are dependent solely on YOU.

Training Package Includes 2 Parts:

1) Coaching

2) Support Materials

1) Coaching:

1 Month (4 weeks) of Weekly Individual Coaching Calls w/ Allison
Topics may include, but are not limited to, the following:
– Planning: set-up business plan, timeline & goals for your biz
– Marketing & Advertising: how to reach your ideal clients
– Landing the Client: step-by-step, starting with how to respond to the first email to the initial screening interview at their home
– Pricing, Contracts & Invoicing: how to create the relationship you want from day 1 (includes adding a retainer fee!)
– The Team: create a support system (accountant, intern, attorney, etc)
– The Food: tips and tricks for efficiency and producing meals your clients will love and rave about
– Menus: create a system to design new menus and recipe ideas

Ongoing Monthly Support
– 6 months: monthly calls each month for follow-up questions and to keep you motivated and accountable to achieving success.

2) Materials:

– Sample Business Plan

– Start-up Checklist
Steps you need to take and in what order

– Avoidable Mistakes

– Initial Questionnaire + Kitchen Walk Through
must-know questions to ask in the beginning & ensure impeccable service from the start

– Pricing Sheet
price yourself to make $ and the best approach to sharing pricing with clients, 3 options

– 10 Must-Have Clauses for Client Contract + Sample Contract

– Sample Menus, Grocery Lists & Instructions
see menus, grocery lists & instructions used for a variety of clients and # of meals/ week

– 4 weeks of seasonal, usable Prep Dish Menus
grocery lists, instructions for cook day AND a instructions to leave w/ your clients, saves you loads of prep time!

Contact [email protected] for pricing and availability

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