AIP Meal Plans

Tailored to your dietary needs. No more thinking. No more stress. No more meal time guesswork.

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AIP Meal Plans

Recipes specifically developed to fit into an AIP (autoimmune protocol) diet; “The Myers Way” compliant designed to help decrease inflammation associated with autoimmune disorders. It is free of added sugars, additives, grains, dairy, nuts, seeds and night shades.

Note: The Specialty Meal Plans are a one-time purchase NOT a subscription.

The Autoimmune Protocol Includes 4 Weeks of Menus. Each week you get:

– Grocery List
– 4 Dinners, Side Salad, Breakfast, Snack & Dessert
– Prep Day Instructions
– Dish Day Instructions
– Nutrition Facts

Please note: This is a digital product that will be delivered for download in a .zip format.


Prep Dish Helps You…

Save Money

Shop for only what you need with our done-for-you weekly meal plan and organized grocery list.

Save Time

Prep a week of meals for your entire family in just a few hours with our easy prep day how-to instructions.

Savor More

Savor delicious healthy meals and the extra time you'll be spending with your family at mealtime!

*The Breakfast Bundle, Entertainment Bundle, Holiday e-Cookbook and Specialty Meal Plans (AIP, Alkaline, Reset) are delivered by email immediately after your order is received and therefore do not qualify for a refund. Please see our full policy for additional information. Have questions? Please reach out to our customer support team.

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