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The Perks of a Kitchen Herb Garden

Kitchen herb gardens are pretty trendy, especially since interest in organic food is on the rise. We all know what plants can do aesthetically for a room, and that you don’t need a ton of space or hours of free time to make it happen. Here are a few other reasons to consider getting in on the kitchen herb garden trend.

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It Helps Protect You from Pesticides

If we could see all of the harmful chemicals that we put into our bodies even when we’re attempting to eat healthy, we would probably all stop going to grocery stores and quit our jobs to become farmers. Growing your own herbs is a step in the right direction–a step away from pesticides and other toxins. Because your herbs are indoors, you don’t have to make much of an attempt to protect them from pests. More importantly, you are completely in control of what goes on your plants.

It Saves You Money

Even though herbs may not be a terribly expensive investment for your family, it will still feel good to reduce the cost to a mere fraction of what you would normally pay if you buy them at the grocery store. Kitchen herb gardens are also great money savers when it comes to gift-giving; fresh herbs from your garden that are grown with care and thoughtfully packaged can make great housewarming or holiday gifts–ones that are actually useful!

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It Will Give You Fresh Herbs Anytime

The availability of your favorite herbs probably varies from store to store and season to season–especially if you shop organic markets vs. grocery chains. If you prepare a lot of home-cooked meals, a lack of herb availability has probably thwarted your plans a time or two. With your own kitchen herb garden, you’ll never be short on your go-to options or your unique preferences. You’ll even have your choice of herbs in the dead of winter!

It Brightens up Your Kitchen

For all of its practical advantages, one of the kitchen garden’s best qualities is the instant makeover it gives a room. For one thing, it freshens the air, filling it with interesting, pleasant aromas that can make even a third-floor condo feel nature-y. It also allows you to the freedom to get creative. Use just about anything you want as containers – recycled tea tins and coffee mugs to hand-painted pots or mason jars. You can also get creative with the configuration and hang them on the wall or in front of the window to save precious kitchen space.

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It’s a Way to Start Exploring Your Green Thumb

An indoor herb garden is a fairly easy, low-maintenance way to start cultivating your green thumb. Most herbs are easy to grow, and there are plenty of starter kits to help you get going. Being indoors, you have a constant reminder to take care of them each day. Better yet, you won’t have to go out on a hot day or fight off annoying bugs just to make sure they have fresh water. But it still requires work and dedication, which will make your kitchen herb garden a great stepping stone for future gardening projects.

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