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TMAC Fitness Workout Videos

TMAC Fitness Workouts + Challenge Partner

By popular demand, Todd McCullough with TMAC Fitness is back for our next Challenge! To you get started, Todd has given us 3 free fitness videos for you to start with. Watch now…


diet legacy, debi silber

Your Diet Legacy and Your Daughter

I am excited to introduce our guest blogger, Debi Silber. She has written us a very timely blog post on creating a diet legacy, our mindset on the subject, and how it affects our children. Read more…


holiday gift guide

Allison’s Holiday Gift Guide for 2017

With only 25 days to Christmas, I thought I would help with the frantic holiday shopping by putting together my 2018 holiday gift guide. Read more….


Paleo Ranch Dressing

Easy Paleo Ranch Dressing Recipe

My Paleo ranch dressing tastes so much like the ranch from my childhood, but without the processed, chemical-filled ingredients that the bottled ranch has. Get the recipe…