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Lurking and Lingering Gluten – Hidden Sources

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These hidden sources of Gluten can be quite sneaky! If you're trying to reduce gluten intake or go gluten free, this is a must-read!

Learning to follow a gluten-free diet can be an overwhelming mission. Gluten naturally occurs in wheat, rye and barley, however, it’s not always as easy as simply cutting these ingredients out of your diet. Strange labeling, hidden sources, and cross-contamination make deciphering labels and navigating gluten-free grocery shopping more difficult than it should be. However, by following a handful of tips, gluten-free eating can be relaxing and delicious!

Heading to the Grocery Store

Grocery Tip 1 – Eat Whole Foods

Avoid spending time deciphering the long list of ingredients on packaged and processed foods. Whenever possible, choose whole food items and prep them yourself. Save time and stress during the week by instating a prep day and do all of your planning, shopping, and cooking at the beginning of week. You’ll have all your food on hand just like you would with the prepackaged stuff without going bleary eyed reading through those ingredients.

Grocery Tip 2 – Watch out for contaminated items

Even though a product doesn’t have a gluten containing on the ingredient list doesn’t mean it’s necessarily gluten free. Often, different prepackaged items share machinery. Your seemingly safe old-fashioned oats may have been processed on a belt that just saw Captain Crunch earlier. Even trace amounts like this can cause serious discomfort. Look for products that have the gluten-free label on them to ensure there’s no lingering gluten.

Grocery Tip 3 – Watch out for these hidden sources of gluten

Sometimes you have to buy a prepackaged item or two. When you do, keep your eyes open for these ingredients that have gluten:

Atta, Barley – any derivative, Breading, Bread, Brewer’s yeast, Bulgur, Dinkel, Durum, Einkorn, Emmer, Farina, Fu, Faro, Graham flour, Kamut, Malt – any derivative, Oats or derivatives if not certified gluten free, Rye – any derivative, Semolina, Spelt, Triticale, Wheat – any derivative

Grocery Tip 4 – Try a Prep Dish Plan

Take the guesswork out of your weekly meal planning, prepping, and eating. Try a Prep Dish meal plan. It will come with an organized grocery list and a detailed instruction to prep a whole week’s worth of meals and snacks quickly and easily. Check them out now!


Dinner Out on the Town

Dining Out Tip 1 – Communicate with restaurants

A menu item like boiled potatoes may seem like it has everything going for it. There’s no way those have gluten in them, right? Unfortunately, not necessarily. A lot of cross contamination occurs at restaurants. Those potatoes may have been boiled in water that boiled pasta a minute before. Stay on the safe side and let your server know you’re eating gluten free right from the beginning. Be sure to question every item – you never know what “secret ingredients” the chef may use.

Dining Out Tip 2 – Take advantage of all of your resources

Lots of restaurants specialize in gluten-free fare. If you’re having a hard time finding a new place with lots of gluten-free options, check out some of the websites and apps out there. These guys let you search for your dietary restrictions and favorite style of food.

Do you have any tips for avoiding gluten? Share your ideas and pictures on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as @prepdish in all 3 places, or leave a comment below.

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