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How to Eat Paleo: What You Need to Know

Oct 21, 2014 | Meal Planning | 0 comments

Want to know how to eat Paleo? We explain it here in simple terms, perfect for Paleo for beginners. Healthy doesn't have to be complicated!

So, you’re thinking about going Paleo?

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There’s been a lot of talk about Paleo lately. In fact, the “caveman” approach was the most googled diet of 2013. Truly, the internet has been buzzing with people all over the world sharing their astonishing health improvements and weight loss achievements.

But why is the clean, Caveman Diet better than other health and weight loss plans? What does Paleo bring to the table that the low-fat, Atkins, or informercial diets cannot? Simple… The Paleo diet is satisfying. It banishes cravings and leaves you feeling full and energized. And since you aren’t depriving yourself, you’re less likely to binge on unhealthy fare.

Going Paleo doesn’t have to be time-intensive or painful. Read on to find out more!

Paleo: Why it Works

It’s effective because it’s designed to work with your genetics to help you stay trim, strong, and avoid myriad health issues. Basically, if your great-great-great-great-great-great grandmother wouldn’t recognize it as food, you shouldn’t eat it. Making your daily menu old-school can lower cholesterol, help you shed unwanted pounds, and give your more energy.

Sounds simple enough. Read on as we provide a crash course in Paleo 101.

The Basics

All the Fresh Food You Could Desire:

Going Paleo primarily means eating things your ancient ancestors hunted and gathered.

This makes grocery shopping incredibly simple. You get your pick of the entire produce section! You can eat all the lean meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, and nuts your heart desires. Prepare to have the most colorful shopping cart in the place! (Bonus: your skin, nails, and hair will also look great thanks to all the plant-based nutrients you’ll be consuming.)

General Things to Avoid

The diet primarily eliminates grains, processed foods, starches, and (we’re sorry about this one) alcohol. However, grain-free switch isn’t as hard as it sounds. Because you’re getting a ton of protein, produce, and natural sugar, your body has the chance to “reset” and rebuild. Plus, there are no calorie restrictions. Eat as much as you want. Don’t go to bed hungry and grumpy!

Customize Your Paleo

Honestly, most people tailor the diet to fit their needs. For example, some people allow rice in their meal plans. Similarly, many people still consume chocolate, alcohol, and other indulgences. They just do so in moderation and focus on eating more whole foods and making healthy choices! It’s less about being perfect and more about achieving balance and eating well the majority of the time.

Pro-Tips and Common Mistakes

If you don’t want to completely eliminate cheese, some experts suggest you can consume grass-fed dairy. This alternative is loaded with powerful health boosters like Omega-3 Fatty Acids, zinc, and magnesium, and can be found at most health food stores.

And just because you have to give up grain, doesn’t mean you have to give up baking! Almond flour makes a great alternative, and specialty blogs are full of Paleo-friendly cookie and dessert recipes. For example, check out this recipe for delicious almond-flour cookies here. Going Paleo may require some kitchen planning. However, services like Prep Dish take the guess work out of food prep and allow you to focus on the rest of your busy schedule.

Elegance in Simplicity

There’s something chic about practicing a lifestyle that limits you to healthy choices and timeless fare. Although there may be some growing pains in the first month of Paleo, the increased energy, improved hair, nails, and skin, and dropped pounds will hopefully propel you forward and encourage you to eat like a (sophisticated) caveperson. Here’s to old ideas and new beginnings!

Do you practice Paleo? What advice would you give the newly initiated? Please feel free to leave your comments, recipes, and testimonies in the comments section below

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