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Moroccan-Inspired Spice Blend & Breakfast Hash Recipe

Brook and I were looking through our honeymoon pictures recently and I was reminded that I owe you an African-inspired recipe! Today, I am sharing a spice blend and breakfast hash recipe that was inspired by my new Namibian cookbook. The flavors used in the blend draw heavily from Morocco, and will conjure up scenes of Bogie and Bacall in Casablanca. For me, these flavors will always remind me of the magical honeymoon Brook and I shared in Africa.

Allison Stevens Schaaf Prep Dish

Brook and me in the Namib Desert.

You are going to love the versatility of this rich, earthy, smoky, touch-of-sweetness spice blend. Try using it as:

  1. a rub for grilled meats like grass-fed steaks or lamb chops.
  2. flavoring for roasted veggies like winter squash or potatoes or carrots
  3. a marinade for chicken (whisk together 2T spice blend + ½c oil + juice of 2-3 lemons)

I’ve been using this blend in my morning hash recipes. One of my favorites, featuring lamb, sweet potato and swiss chard, is below. Such a great way to kick off your day!

Paleo, Gluten-Free Moroccan Breakfast Hash with Poached Egg

Moroccan Spice Blend

Combine the following in an airtight storage container:

2T cumin

2T ginger

2T coriander

2T cinnamon

2T paprika

2T turmeric

1T chili powder

~1tsp fresh ground pepper

~¼tsp fresh ground nutmeg (optional)

Note: I don’t add salt to the blend, so add salt as needed as you are preparing your meal!


Moroccan Breakfast Hash w/ Lamb, Sweet Potato & Swiss Chard

Serves 4


1# ground lamb

1 yellow onion, chopped

2 sweet potatoes, peeled & finely chopped

1 bunch swiss chard, stems removed and discarded, leaves finely chopped


In a saute pan over mid-high heat, add lamb and onion, breaking apart lamb.

Season w/ 1-2T Moroccan spice blend and ~½tsp salt. Add sweet potato and chopped swiss chard leaves. Turn heat to medium and cover with a lid. Cook ~10-15 minutes or until sweet potatoes are cooked through. Remove lid and season to taste as needed.

Serve w/ 1-2 poached or fried eggs on top.

Bonus tip: The hash (lamb & veggies) can be made ahead of time and reheated in the morning. I like to make mine on Prep Day over the weekend and then top it with an egg the morning. Keeps me fueled until lunch time!

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