Why I Don’t Use an Air Fryer (Disadvantages of Air Fryer Cooking) l Ep#164

Apr 3, 2023 | 0 comments

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Chef and meal prep expert Allison Schaaf shares the disadvantages of air fryer cooking and why she does not personally use an air fryer, despite its popularity.

Disadvantages of Air Fryer (Allison’s Personal Experience)

  • I couldn’t picture where an air fryer would fit into my cooking routine.
  • Most air fryers have nonstick coatings. PFAS (also known as “forever chemicals”) are contained in many nonstick coatings. Many studies show that PFAS can lead to serious health issues.
  • I did find a glass air fryer but didn’t love it. It only fits a small amount of food. For me, I’d rather make a larger quantity of food for efficiency’s sake! I will say it is often quite hot in Texas, so I do get the appeal of not heating up the house. Toaster ovens could be a good alternative for this though.
  • I feel better about sticking with cast iron, glass and stainless steel, rather than researching all of the new alternative non-stick materials to see if they’re really safe.

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