The Only 2 Pans I Use (Safe Pans and How to Clean Them!) l EP#109

Dec 20, 2021 | 0 comments

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Chef Allison Schaaf shares the best safe pans for cooking, as well as tips on how to clean and care for them!

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Whether you’re a cooking veteran or just getting into it, choosing the best pans to cook with can be overwhelming! There are just so many options out there.

In today’s episode, chef and RD Allison Schaaf shares the only two pans she uses in her kitchen (plus a bonus!), and how to clean them. 

Nonstick pans contain chemicals that make them nonstick. If the nonstick coating starts to chip or degrade, that means it’s getting into your food and you’re ingesting it. 

Stainless Steel and Cast Iron pans last for a super long time and are safe to cook with.

Stainless Steel:

Calphalon is one good brand but there are other options out there too. Make sure there is no aluminum coating and go for pans that are as close as possible to being completely stainless steel.

Always use oil or water to make sure the food doesn’t stick. Keeping temperatures a little lower also helps avoid sticking. If something does stick, boil water and pour it in the pan right after cooking. Put the lid on and let it sit and then everything will come off easily! A sponge or dish brush is also useful.

Cast Iron:

Make sure your cast iron pan is well-oiled. The more you use it, the less care is needed.

Pouring hot water on the pan works with cast iron as well if food does get stuck. You may need to buy a well fitting lid separately to help with cleaning. Avoid using soap on cast iron pans.

A wire brush or a stainless steel sponge also work well for cast iron.

Bonus: I use stainless steel baking sheets as well, which are great!

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