Is the Oura Ring worth it? My Experience l EP#148

Dec 12, 2022 | 0 comments

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In today’s episode Prep Dish founder, Allison Schaaf, shares her experience with the Oura ring after using it for a little under a year.

What is the Oura Ring? It’s a ring you wear on your finger that tracks fitness, sleep and different related numbers. Here are a few of the features I use the most:

Sleep: It tells you the number of hours you spent in bed vs actually asleep. It also tells you resting heart rate, HRV (heart rate variability), etc. Using this over time can help you see how eating times, workout times, etc. impact your sleep. It also tells you deep sleep and REM sleep numbers. The trend data it shares is also quite interesting.

Restorative Time: The Oura ring also tracks restorative time throughout the day, which measures times of lower heart rate.

Activity: It will alert you if your active time throughout the day does not match the goals you’ve set, which can be motivating.

Body Temperature: It measures body temperature as well which can be really interesting. A recent study actually shows that the Oura Ring can detect pregnancy much earlier due to the rise in body temperature.

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