5 Simple Food Waste Solutions – Earth Day 2023! l EP#166

Apr 17, 2023 | 0 comments

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Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf shares 5 easy food waste solutions. Use strategic meal planning & creative cooking to waste less food.

Meal Prep expert Allison Schaaf shares 5 simple food waste solutions to help you throw away less food at home.

1. Make a Soup

This is an excellent way to use up leftover veggies! If you have leftover cooked veggies, I recommend throwing them in a blender and making a pureed soup. You can of course use leftover proteins or rice or pasta in a soup as well!

2. Freeze for a Smoothie

This works well for any fruit and for many vegetables, like zucchini, as well. Try to catch the fruit right before it goes bad and throw it in a freezer for a smoothie.

3. Make Broth

You can use scraps like onion and garlic peel, carrot and celery scraps, etc. to make broth. I like to keep the scraps in the freezer so they’re ready whenever I want to make broth.

4. Feed to the Animals!

If you have animals, you may be able to offer scraps to them! Our goats love banana peels and apple slices. Almost anything the goats won’t eat, we give to the chickens.

5. Composting

Anything we can’t give to the animals, we compost.

Bonus – Prep Dish meal plans (or any intentional meal plans) will help you not to buy food you won’t use in the first place. We put a lot of time into making our meal plans strategic so you’re not buying anything you don’t need.

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