Simple Prep Tips –  Preparing for the Holidays | EP#199

Dec 4, 2023 | 0 comments

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Join founder of Prep Dish Allison Schaaf she shares some of her favorite easy prep tips for preparing for the holidays.

As we head into the beginning of December, it can feel like we’re already in the thick of holiday season, but there is still a lot we can do to prepare ahead and make time together with friends and family more relaxing, enjoyable, and easy. Allison recommends focusing on these key categories for the month ahead as well as daily schedules: 

  1. Food Prep:  not only preparing menus for upcoming events and gatherings, but paying special attention to your regular weekly meals goes a long way this time of year.  Planning and preparing some freezer meals for simple heat-and-eat crock pot dishes later in the month ensures you’ll have nourishing food ready for your family during busy weeks. 
  2. Calendar Prep: taking a look at the month ahead as a whole, as well as the details of daily plans, can prevent stress and ensure you and your family aren’t overextended or overscheduled.  You can even block off unscheduled time! 
  3. Family Traditions: being intentional and taking the time to include special activities year over year that everyone enjoys is a meaningful way to schedule time during the holidays.  This might mean reevaluating some traditions, and also setting aside materials, time, and energy to ensure the customs remain a significant part of your month. 

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