How Eating MORE Could Help You Lose Weight with Nutritionist Aimee Gallo | EP204

Jan 8, 2024 | 0 comments

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In episode 204, Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf welcomes nutritionist Aimee Gallo and discusses eating more protein to lose weight as part of a nutritional approach to help reach your health goals this year.

Aimee Gallo is founder of Vibrance Nutrition and Fitness and is a practicing nutritionist and health coach focussed in the fields of metabolic health and weight loss, along with food intolerance and sports nutrition.  She loves helping to find out what will work for her clients in a sustainable way.  Aimee featured a post entitled “Eat More, Lose Weight” on her blog, in which she explains that people whose health goals include losing weight need to, in fact, eat more protein.  She unpacks the science behind this, noting that protein prevents muscle loss, which is the key to metabolism.

The other key nutrient in the weight loss equation is produce, which provides micronutrients that assist in optimum metabolic health.  At every meal, Aimee recommends asking yourself these two questions:  “Where is my protein?” and “where is my produce?”  She also suggests focusing on what you’re moving toward, rather than avoiding, as this is much more inspiring and sustainable in your health journey.

A third possible focus for losing weight might also include making sure you’re consuming enough calories.  Aimee has found that some clients she works with may have lost weight but plateaued.  In these cases, it’s often a bite-by-bite, bit-by-bit approach of increasing portion sizes for both protein and produce that helps clients reach their optimal goals.

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