3 Items I Buy in Bulk to Save Money l EP #70

Mar 22, 2021 | 0 comments

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You’ve probably heard that buying in bulk can save you money, but it’s hard to know what to buy in bulk. You can’t stock up on everything!

Today Allison shares the top three items she always buys in bulk to save money.

Here they are!

1. Spices:

Buy bulk spices at Thrive Market (<< Affiliate link)

Find spice containers at the Container Store here.

And don’t forget to label!

OR, recycle a glass spice container you already have. Next time your cinnamon runs out, buy bulk cinnamon and refill the already labeled jar!

2. Tea:

If you are a tea drinker, it is so much more cost effective to buy bulk loose leaf tea.

You’ll need a tea steeper.

3. Meat:

Do you regularly eat beef? Consider purchasing a quarter or half of a cow. You’ll get a variety of cuts and it’s very reasonable per pound.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

Siply Tea

10 Must Have Spices 

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This post contains affiliate links, thank you for your support of Prep Dish!


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