How to Defrost Your Freezer l EP #93

Aug 30, 2021 | 0 comments

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Wondering how to defrost your freezer? Get the simple steps for defrosting your regular freezer or deep freezer.

When’s the last time you defrosted your freezer? It’s so easy to forget this kitchen task but defrosting your freezer can help it keep things cold more efficiently. And while it takes some time, it’s actually pretty simple!

In today’s episode chef and Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf walks you through the simple steps you need to follow to defrost your regular freezer or deep freeze.

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How to Defrost Your Freezer

  • When ice buildup on the sides gets to ¼-½ inch, it’s time to defrost
  • Make sure you have a big cooler, ice packs and an optional hair dryer ready
  • Remove all of the food and place it in your cooler
  • Unplug your freezer and put a bowl of hot water inside to speed up the thawing process
  • Put a towel by the freezer and replace/wipe melted ice as needed
  • Keep the lid/door open to help it melt faster
  • You can use a hairdryer to melt the ice (use caution to avoid electric shock!)
  • While ice is melting, sort through the items from your freezer and throw away anything that has gone bad / has too much freezer burn
  • Once all ice has melted, wipe down the freezer
  • Restock and organize!
  • Choosing a certain time of year to do this will help you remember. Fall is a great time to create space before the busy holiday season.

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