Evening Hours and Morning Hours – Making a Daily Routine that Works for You | EP#195

Nov 6, 2023 | 0 comments

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Allison Schaaf shares about making a daily routine that works better in her season of life after evaluating her morning and evening schedules.

In episode 195, Allison Schaaf, founder of Prep Dish, talks about recently noticing how her morning and evening routines differ and discovering what could be switched for a more productive day.  She also gives tips for making a daily routine that maximizes your morning and evening hours. 

With the change of seasons and moving from a summer schedule into a fall and school schedule, Allison took a look at her typical morning and evening routines to see if anything needed to shift to optimize her day.  Knowing her own sleep personality chronotype based on information shared by Michael Breus, Allison began an adjustment from a later sleep schedule in the summer to an earlier one once fall came around, along with updating the sleep schedule of her children.  

Allison shifted some of the tasks in her evening routine to morning and decided to incorporate preparation for the morning into her evening routine, such as preparing her lemon water and tea items for the morning and setting out items she’ll need to prepare the family breakfast.  She encourages the idea of reevaluating what your bedtime and waking times look like during any transition from one annual season to another, or shifts in your daily schedule.  

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