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Simple Formula for a Gluten-Free Salad

Salmon, Strawberry, Green Bean Salad

Salmon, Strawberry, Green Bean Salad from March Plan

One of the items on the menu this month is the salad pictured above, with baked salmon, strawberries, pecans, green beans & feta cheese. I love having salads for meals and thought I would share with you a formula I use when putting together filling salads as a meal:

Greens + Veggie + Fruit + Cheese or Avocado + Protein (nuts, beans, egg, meats)

Here are some sample combos:

  • Arugula + Celery + Pears + Blue Cheese + Walnuts
  • Mixed Greens + Bell Pepper + Jicama + Sliced Flank Steak
  • Spinach + Corn + Tomatoes + Cheddar + Avocado + Black Beans + Grilled Chicken
  • Butter Lettuce + Broccoli + Apples + Cheddar + Boiled Eggs
  • Romaine + Cucumber + Tomato + Onion + Olives + Feta + Tuna
  • Mixed Greens + Cucumber + Dried Cranberries + Goat Cheese + Pecans
  • Napa Cabbage + Green Onions + Carrots + Mandarin Oranges + Chicken
  • Arugula + Grapes + Blue Cheese + Pecans + Turkey Breast
  • Spinach + Bell Pepper + Mushrooms + Avocado + Pumpkin Seeds + Salmon
  • Mixed Greens + Boiled Potatoes + Green Beans + Olives + Tuna

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