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Kitchen & Pantry Organization Hacks

Mar 7, 2018 | Meal Planning | 0 comments

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Ok, 3 things happened to inspire this post on kitchen & organization hacks:

1) My very favorite food storage containers that make the Prep Dish system work as efficiently as it does, are now available for delivery! I'm not sure how long this has been the case, but they used to only be available for purchase at the Container Store in-person. I do have some Amazon containers that I recommend, but I gotta be honest, size-wise, these are my very favorites. These are also the #1 item I am asked about!

2) I did a quick survey on Instagram to gauge interest in an updated Kitchen/ Pantry tour…. and the results were a resounding, YES! This week on InstagramI'll be doing a tour of my personal Kitchen/ Pantry, featuring many of my favorite kitchen & pantry organization hacks PLUS the items below.

3) Container Store is having a HUGE sale on many of my favorite items.

SO, here's my round-up of favorite kitchen & pantry organization products. Enjoy!


All of the below items are on SALE, except for the containers (but they're worth full price, ha!)


I LOVE these containers so much. They are glass with BPA-free plastic lids and work well in the fridge or freezer. I recommend having 6-8 of each size (especially if you're like me and end freeze leftovers!).

2 items that accompany the containers-

–  Labels  (esp handy for labeling frozen foods)

–  Under Shelf baskets for storing the lids (here's a link to a video on how I use these).

Elfa Shelving

If you saw this video, you know that when we lived in a small condo, I turned my coat closet into a pantry! We used custom Elfa Shelving, but it was basically a combo of-

1) Pantry Shelving

2) Door Shelving (this would work well for any kitchen door!), here's the link

Handled Storage Baskets

I use these everywhere! In the kitchen, I use a separate basket for baking items, snacks, teas and also for produce like sweet potatoes, winter squash, banana & avocado. They also come in handy in the bathroom for supplements, makeup, toiletries and more! We have no less than 2 dozen of these lining our shelves. I love how easy they are to access and use. I use primarily the larger size, but do have a few of the smaller baskets as well.

Under Sink Pull Out

This one was Brook's idea but I love it! If you ever get frustrated by under-the-sink disorganization, buy this, NOW!

Expand a  Shelf

If you follow along on Instagram stories this week, you'll see that my cabinet shelves do not pull out so having these “expand-a-shelves” add SO much space and allow me to see items that would otherwise be hidden at the back of the shelf. I have about 6 of these. I purchased both sizes, but only ended up using the larger-sized shelves, even for my smaller items like spices.

Baskets for Pantry

I love having baskets in my pantry to keep things looking pulled together and organized while still looking warm and inviting. My exact baskets are no longer available, but I've seen these in pantries and have always liked them. I also love that the cotton liners are machine washable.

The sale prices may not be valid at time of your reading/ purchase. This post contains affiliate links. We appreciate your support of Prep Dish!

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