Kids in the Kitchen – Montessori Kitchen Tools l EP#125

Apr 11, 2022 | 0 comments

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Get tips from Prep Dish founder & mom of 2, Allison Schaaf, on using Montessori kitchen tools & techniques to get your kids in the kitchen!

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In today's episode, Prep Dish founder and mom of 2 Allison Schaaf shares her Montessori-inspired approach to getting kids in the kitchen, including the Montessori kitchen tools she loves for her 3-year-old and 17-month-old.

Montessori Kitchen Tools:

Hand Washing Station – Even with a step stool and sink extender, it was hard for our toddler to wash his hands. We bought a Montessori hand washing station and he can now do it independently. 

Learning Tower – This has probably been the best purchase. We have a folding one so it’s not in the way when it’s not in use. This allows the kids to help when I’m doing my weekly meal prep or cooking.

Real Cutlery & Dishes – Our kids were always wanting to use our “real silverware” so we got them smaller stainless steel cutlery and it’s working quite well. We’ve also begun to use small stainless steel or glass cups.

Helping with Small Tasks – My 3-year-old loves to help crack eggs and my 17-month-old loves helping with trash and compost. I always try to allow them to help in whatever way they can when they want to.

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Montessori Hand Washing Station

Collapsible Learning Tower

Stainless Steel Kids Cutlery  

Stainless Steel Cups

Small Glass Cups

This page contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support of Prep Dish!

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