10 Years of Prep Dish! 10 Lessons Learned l Ep#140

Jul 18, 2022 | 0 comments

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This episode celebrates 10 years of Prep Dish! Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf shares 10 business lessons learned that also apply to life.

Prep Dish is celebrating its 10 year anniversary! In this episode, host Allison Schaaf shares 10 business lessons learned from the first decade of the company. Here’s to ten more years!

10 Business Lessons Learned

1. Have a plan! Looking back at the original Prep Dish planning documents, so much has stayed the same. Having a plan and writing it down is powerful.

2. Trust that it will happen. You have to have the confidence to keep pushing even if no one else understands your vision.

3. Have an internal support system. Having people to support you along the way is essential. Don’t be afraid to outsource things and build a support system.

4. Have an external support system. Accountability groups, masterminds, and of course friends and family are an essential support system as well.

5. Systems, Systems, Systems! Having systems to keep everything organized and running smoothly is so important.

6. Focus on community. If you’re building a business, the product is of course key, but the community you’re building is just as important.

7. Have patience. It takes time. For a Prep Dish example, it takes time for people to get in the habit of using the meal plans. 

8. The power of a meal plan. Meal plans really are a solution for people. They sometimes have to discover it on their own, which is why I offer a free trial! People don’t always understand the difference it makes just through hearing about the meal plans.

9. Enjoy! Building a business can be really stressful. It’s a huge learning curve. Now after ten years, I can really enjoy the process.

10. Making a difference matters. We LOVE hearing happy customer stories about how Prep Dish is impacting their lives. It’s really meaningful and motivating.

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