Batching is Freedom – How to Create More Time in Your Day l Ep#141

Jul 25, 2022 | 0 comments

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Host Allison Schaaf talks about 5 ways she uses batching to create more time in the day and more freedom to do what she wants.

Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf talks about different ways she uses batching to make life easier and to create more time.

1. Meals: The Prep Dish meal plans focus on batching meal prep. I also use batching for other meals not covered by the meal plans. Chop your produce all at once. It saves a lot of time! Similarly, you can double or triple a salad dressing recipe and use some of it as a marinade. Any time I make a recipe that freezes well, I double or triple the recipe and freeze some to save my future self time.

2. Laundry: My husband and I do laundry once every two weeks. This is so much more efficient than always feeling like you need to throw a load in.

3. Work Items: For example, I batch podcast episodes. I record at least a month’s worth of episodes at once rather than getting my microphone out each week. We use a similar strategy with newsletters and social media. I try to schedule all of my calls on Tuesdays so I don’t have calls distracting me every day.

4. Mail: I don’t sort through the mail every day. Some tasks like this don’t need to be done daily. I also choose the Amazon delivery day for receiving packages so I don’t have to break down boxes, etc. on multiple days.

5. Email: I try to check my email every 24 hours but if there’s nothing urgent, I either respond once a day or every other day. I do the same thing with text messages. Having my phone off is so much less distracting.

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