My Recent Kitchen Renovation – Kitchen Remodel Tips, Ideas & Lessons Learned l EP#146

Nov 28, 2022 | 0 comments

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Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf shares kitchen remodel tips & lessons learned based on her recent renovation.

In episode 145 Prep Dish founder, Allison Schaaf, shares details of her recent kitchen remodel including favorite parts, decisions on countertops and lessons learned. Here's a little bit about each feature that was added / remodeled:

1. Instant Hot Water: You have to be careful to warn people but it is so useful! It’s wonderful for tea, hot water with lemon, etc. I also use it a lot when washing stainless steel pots and pans as well as the kids’ water bottles to sanitize them.

2. Countertops: We went with quartzite and, so far, are really happy with it. It’s more durable in terms of staining but has a beautiful look similar to marble.

3. Built-in Trash & Recycling: Aesthetically, it’s nice to have it hidden but it is nice to be able to pull out the trash can during meal prep for efficiency purposes.

4. Second Dishwasher: This hasn’t been installed yet but my favorite brand is Miele. I love that they have a cycle for wine glasses! They also have a quick cycle that I love. 

5. Lighting: We updated these to be more our preference. 

6. New Island: Having more workspace near the refrigerator has been really nice, even though I didn’t know I needed it! It feels like a more efficient setup.

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