Tips for Going Dairy Free (For Kids or Adults) l EP#162

Mar 20, 2023 | 0 comments

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Today chef, dietitian and mom of 2, Allison Schaaf, shares 5 tips for going dairy free. Whether it’s your child or you who needs to go dairy free, these tips will help you be successful while not feeling deprived.

1. Don’t focus on what you can’t eat. There are so many recipes that naturally don’t have dairy. I find it’s much easier to choose these recipes than to try to adapt and recreate a bunch of foods that do contain dairy.

2. Have the whole family go dairy free. You may not want to do this if it’s an adult going dairy free. If it’s one child who needs to go dairy free though, just cook that way for the whole family so your child isn’t focused on it. Try not to make it a huge deal.

3. Find recipes to use at home. With any restriction, dining out is a bit trickier. Start out by cooking at home. By reading labels and cooking your own recipes, you’ll start to see where you need to look out for dairy. Our gluten free, paleo and super fast meal plans are all dairy-optional. There’s minimal dairy on the meal plans and the recipes are still delicious if it’s omitted.

4. Don’t forget treats away from home. This is especially true for kids. Make sure they don’t feel left out of treats at school or birthday parties. You may want to make a batch of cupcakes or cookies and freeze them. You can pull them out any time there’s a celebration where your child may need a dairy free treat.

5. Swaps – If you’re going dairy free long term, you may want to find swaps for favorite items like ice cream. You can also make coconut milk ice cream in an ice cream maker. Cashew cheese is also an excellent swap you can make at home. Try the different milk alternatives to find one you like flavor-wise. Work with a pediatrician or dietitian to see what’s best for your child nutritionally. 

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