Cooking with Salt – What You Need to Know l EP#168

May 1, 2023 | 0 comments

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Chef and dietitian Allison Schaaf shares tips on cooking with salt, from both a nutritional and a culinary perspective.

Meal Prep expert Allison Schaaf is talking all things salt today, from both a culinary and a nutritional perspective. 

Nutritional Considerations for Salt:

  • Most canned items, unless “no salt added,” are high in sodium
  • Store bought broth is often quite high in sodium as well
  • Soy sauce, even reduced sodium soy sauce, is high in sodium
  • Processed meats are high in sodium
  • Potassium, found in veggies, balances out sodium

Culinary Considerations for Salt:

  • Salt meat before you cook it for best results
  • Hold your hand up high when salting food for even distribution
  • Taste as you go – this is so important!
  • Finishing salt serves a purpose too

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