Save Money at the Grocery Store – 11 Grocery Swaps l EP#170

May 15, 2023 | 0 comments

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Meal planning expert Allison Schaaf shares 11 ways you can save money at the grocery store. Flexible planning at its best!

Prep Dish founder and Meal Prep expert Allison Schaaf shares 11 changes you can make at the grocery store to save money, without sacrificing quality.

1. Swap Packaged Snacks for Whole Foods / Larger Packages

For example, swap apple slices for apple sauce pouches. Not only is this less expensive, it’s also healthier and better for jaw development.

2. Switch Ground Meat for Beans

I sometimes do half and half, or ¼ beans with ¾ ground meat to stretch the meal further. I’ve also added in mushrooms to bulk up a meal.

3. Buy Large Packages of Oats Instead of Small Packets

There is a huge price difference here! 

4. Swap for Cheaper Seafood

If you’re a Prep Dish subscriber and you see halibut on the menu, know that swapping out proteins is usually pretty easy. You could use any white fish in place of halibut. You can interchange trout and salmon as well. Just make sure to adjust the cooking times. Don’t hesitate to ask the person behind the fish counter!

5. Substitute a Different Ground Meat

If your freezer is stocked with ground beef, use that in place of bison or turkey! Again, make sure to adjust the cooking time as needed.

6. For Steak, Choose a Smaller Amount

You can save money by buying a smaller amount of steak and bulking up the sides. You can also swap portobello mushrooms

7. Go Homemade for Salad Dressings

This is SO easy, SO much healthier and SO much less expensive! Olive oil and balsamic vinegar is a super easy combo but we have a lot of great ones on our meal plans.

8. Buy Shrimp on Sale if Buying Frozen

This applies to other items as well! Stock up when you see it on sale.

9. Purchase Ugly Fruits & Veggies

There are a few companies now selling misshapen produce that would otherwise be tossed. I use Imperfect Foods.

10. Grow Your Own Herbs

If you use our Prep Dish meal plans, you know we use a lot of fresh herbs. They provide a ton of flavor and elevate meals. Some are pretty easy to grow at home. Mint is pretty easy and rosemary is quite easy where I live. Ask around about your area!

11. Have a plan!

This is the best way to save money at the grocery store. Our Prep Dish meal plans do this for you and make sure your meals actually use the perishable items on your grocery list so you’re not left with half packages of produce.

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