Road Tripping with Kids l Ep#171

May 22, 2023 | 0 comments

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Road tripping with kids has its challenges but it really can be fun! Get tips from meal prep expert & travel enthusiast, Allison Schaaf.

Meal Prep Monday host, Allison Schaaf, shares 4 tips on road tripping with kids based on her recent East Coast family road trip.

1. Choosing Your Route

Roadtrippers is a great app to use to plan locations and routes. Think about the total driving time and don’t forget to consider high traffic times in cities.

2. Where to Stay

We mostly did Airbnbs and hotels, though staying with family or friends can be a great option as well depending on the ages of your kids and the sleep situation. Don’t forget to consider laundry! Kids go through a lot of clothes and, for an extended road trip, you’ll likely want to include some spots with laundry.

Airbnbs are often not as budget-friendly though, especially if you’re only staying one night, so you may want to balance out hotels and house rentals.

Tip: Give yourself a buffer. We stayed in many spots for just one night but we planned the last stop for three nights. That way we had a buffer if it took longer to get there. It also gave us a chance to really relax before we returned home.

3. Buying Ahead

We ordered a box of Dry Farm Wines (<< affiliate link) to our first stop so we could bring a bottle to various people we were visiting. We also made one stop to purchase toys for all of the children we’d be seeing along the way.

4. Routines

Establishing a bit of routine is really helpful when traveling with kids. We usually drove during nap times, which helped them get some rest. We also had a mealtime routine – more on that in the next episode!

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