Task Batching Healthy Habits – Should You Reevaluate? | EP#191

Oct 9, 2023 | 0 comments

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Allison Schaaf talks about task batching healthy habits and explains when it might be a good time to revise them.

In Episode 191, Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf discusses batching her fitness routine, and the option of making adjustments when enthusiasm dwindles.   

Many healthy habits can work well if they are batched.  Allison has talked about the importance of strength training and incorporating this healthy habit into her life with this approach.  For a while, Allison was batching her weightlifting with a trainer and this worked great.  But, as seasons of life evolved, Allison found herself feeling lukewarm about her scheduled strength training.  

After an honest discussion with her coach, the strength training goals were approached from a different angle:  Allison would focus on one type of lifting four times per week, but in shorter intervals instead of batching her lifts two days per week as she had been doing.  This new method, essentially un-batching her workouts, renewed Allison’s enthusiasm for her healthy habit and has been working well in this season of life. This mental shift was a big part of getting back Allison’s motivation to keep striving for her fitness goals.  

Other healthy habits that Allison continues to batch are laundry, errands, work tasks, and meal prep.  Are there healthy habits in your life that may be over-batched?  Daily life rhythms evolve and change over time.  If you’re in a season where a healthy habit approach is not serving you optimally, it may be a great time to see if dialing back a batched approach is just what you need. 

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