Schaaf Family Update! Plus, What’s Next for Easy High Protein Recipes at Prep Dish | EP#208

Feb 5, 2024 | 0 comments

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In episode 208, Allison Schaaf introduces the newest little recipe tester and family member in a personal update, and discusses a look ahead at high protein recipes support at Prep Dish. 

The Schaaf family is officially a family of five!  Allison is pleased to introduce their newest baby boy, Tovin, who came to the family through adoption in December.  Everyone is adjusting nicely and there will be more family updates to come in future months, through Miscarriage Hope Desk, Substack, and the Meal Prep Monday Podcast.  Allison is also looking forward to sharing more on a memoir she has in the works.  

One time-saver and constant through the transition to a busy family of five has been the Prep Dish Super Fast and Protein Boost meal plans.  While Premium level Prep Dish subscribers have access to nutrition facts to confirm optimum protein per meal, during the month of February, Allison will be sharing a quick video tutorial in Prep Dish emails and on the Facebook group, which illustrates how to ensure your meals are hitting the 30g mark.  

Other Prep Dish protein support content to look forward to will come through blog post recipe roundups, Instagram protein breakfast reels, and a potential protein challenge later in the year.  

Looking to the month ahead, the Meal Prep Monday Podcast welcomes Sarah Hart-Unger to talk about all things planning and kick off a series that covers tips on outlining everything from your big annual goals to your daily details (like what’s for dinner on a busy weeknight!).

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