Easy High Protein Lunch Ideas | EP#207

Jan 29, 2024 | 0 comments

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In episode 207, Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf shares several of her easy high protein lunch ideas to wrap up the January Meal Prep Monday protein series. These suggestions offer some simple streamlined approaches to achieving your protein health goals and keeping you satiated through your afternoon.  

Allison’s approach to lunch focuses on a solid protein base and working around that base for sides and meal accompaniments.  This often means setting aside some protein from the night before, usually doubled in the previous night’s recipe to have the next day as leftovers.  

The optimum amount of protein per meal, at least 30 grams, can look like 4 oz of chicken (31g), 4 oz of salmon (23g, plus more when paired with quinoa and veggies), a baked potato with cottage cheese, a can of tuna fish (42g), a 4 oz pork chop (27g, plus more when paired with veggies), or ¾ cup of shredded meat served several ways throughout the week.  Allison suggests several easy ways to serve these ideas up and enjoy during your mid-day meal. 

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