Allison’s Favorite Classic Planners  | EP#210

Feb 19, 2024 | 0 comments

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In episode 210, Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf reviews some of her favorite classic planners that she’s used over the years to manage family, work, and personal goals.

Allison has used and enjoyed several different types of paper planners to help her keep track of important details and work through longer-term achievements.  Why switch through multiple planners over the years even when she finds one she enjoys?  Allison can’t resist trying something new and mixing up her planning routine!  Different planners each offer a unique approach and have features that work best for the variety of life stages Allison has found herself in.

Allison’s recommended classic paper planners include:

Day Designer – An ideal smaller portable size

Sol Planner – Great for when there’s a baby in the house to track all of the details. The bigger size worked well for all the daily notes and when Allison was home more.

Full Focus Planner – Allison used this planner daily when work was her main focus. Pages are purchased and updated quarterly.  Cons were that many tasks needed to be copied over and Allison didn’t care for the daily pages setup.  Pros were that the planning and project pages worked well.

Golden Coil Planner – A beautiful, aesthetically pleasing planner.  This planner is highly customizable, which is a fun way to personalize the planner, but so many choices could be overwhelming.  Has a weekly calendar “at-a-glance” style.

BestSelf Planner – An undated 6-month, week-to-week style planner that also includes daily pages and top 3 tasks to complete.  Allison liked not having to transfer anything over, the option to write out notes for the week, and monthly reflection questions.  This planner is not customizable and isn’t as aesthetic in style.

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