Best Digital Planner Apps for Household Planning  | EP#211

Feb 26, 2024 | 0 comments

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In episode 211, Allison Schaaf, founder of Prep Dish, discusses the best digital planner apps for home planning and management with her husband and shares what has worked well for them to navigate their family’s schedules, trips, and activities.

Allison and her husband use Google Calendar as an invaluable shared digital planning resource to help them ensure everything at home runs smoothly.  With this tool, Allison’s husband is able to share the details of his work schedule, but Allison is able to pull up his calendar notes as needed without overwhelming her own calendar.  This schedule view helps the family see where there might be overlap with work and daily family tasks.  Allison’s husband also books all of his work travel through Tripit, which can sync with their Google Calendar apps.

Together, Allison and her husband also have a shared calendar for the kids’ schedules.  Allison has her own personal digital calendar with combined work and personal tasks.  She uses this digital tool in conjunction with a portable classic paper planner.  Allison finds putting pen to paper extremely helpful in managing day-to-day life and focusing on important tasks that, when completed, will help propel bigger goals forward.

A weekly meeting helps Allison and her husband review upcoming scheduling conflicts and work out details with their au pair.  They also use this time to plan ahead over the upcoming weeks or month, especially if a new event or activity has recently been added to their schedules.  Allison has also used the Trello App as a digital tool to help her organize specific longer-term projects and keep track of detailed project tasks.

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