House Management with Kim Brenneman | EP#212

Mar 4, 2024 | 0 comments

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In episode 212, Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf welcomes author Kim Brenneman to the Meal Prep Monday Podcast where she shares how she went from a new mom struggling to manage her home rhythms to a thriving homeschooling mother of nine with routines that keep home and farm life humming along.

Kim is the author of Home Management Plain and Simple and founder of The Home Management: Plain and Simple Blueprint Course. She lives in Iowa on a farm and is a wife of 33 years and a homeschooling mom of nine children. Kim realized she’d grown up with the advantage of having outside systems manage her life through school, college, and her employment. She’d never truly had to be the boss of her own life until she was an adult starting a family. Her book started as a blog in 2004, where Kim began documenting all the systems she was creating to manage her home, as more children were added to the family, the farming business grew, and homeschooling became a part of her day-to-day life.

Kim’s home management system is based on getting a strong evening rhythm established first, to set up your morning of the next day for success. She notes that the evening rhythm consists of a kitchen routine and a personal routine, and that these will be personalized to you to set up what’s needed for the morning.

The kitchen routine involves cleaning and tidying from the previous meal, and can be personalized by setting up what you’ll consume in the morning, such as coffee or tea, or prep-ahead breakfast items that can be set up the evening before. The personal routine includes what you do to get yourself ready for bed and how you’ll wind down your evening, perhaps with a book or a bath.

Getting the kids involved with mealtime and chores has been an important part of Kim’s home management strategy, and she details some additional tips about setting the tone for different parts of the day and having the kids contribute to these household tasks.

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