Clothing Management: My Rent the Runway Review | EP#215

Mar 25, 2024 | 0 comments

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Allison Schaaf shares her experience of managing her clothing in a Rent the Runway Review.

In episode 215, Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf talks about how she manages closet clutter and shares her Rent the Runway review after trying the service for a year.  

While renovating their home, part of the plan was to include Allison’s master bedroom closet.  Allison discovered that the Rent the Runway service wasn’t just relegated to fancy dresses for black-tie events, but that the service also offers clothing rentals for everyday outfits and she decided to give RTR a try.  She streamlined her closet and made a commitment to minimize additional clothing purchases while using this clothing rental service.  

Allison found several uses for the RTR service, including having a wardrobe ready for events (gatherings with friends, work events, date nights), a travel wardrobe, for filming video footage for work, as well as going out for dressier events like weddings and other celebrations.  

Perks Allison found with RTR include fewer decisions about what to wear, sticking to her commitment of minimizing additional clothing purchases, having a much smaller wardrobe in her closet, and confidence in the up-to-date clothing fashions she’s wearing.  

Allison recommends the Rent The Runway or similar services for those who aren’t as much into fashion and the process of clothes shopping and putting together outfits.  She also learned to always read the reviews, especially with sizing notes for your own reference.   

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