Home Habits for Simple Management | EP#214

Mar 18, 2024 | 0 comments

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Allison Schaaf discusses home habits she has incorporated into her daily routine for simple house management.

In episode 214, Allison Schaaf, founder of Prep Dish, discusses some key takeaways she’s gained from the book Home Management Plain and Simple, and notes home habits she includes in her routine.

Allison has implemented home habits such as: 

  • Each time she takes a bathroom break, she will clean or tidy something. 
  • Using a timer for her own household tasks, or as a means to make a chore fun with the kids (think of a “beat-the-clock” game to get the job done before the timer runs out). This is a great habit to use for meal prep, too!   
  • Setting the stage for a great meal by cleaning up from the meal you just enjoyed.  
  • Having kids indicate they need your attention or assistance by coming over and resting a hand on your arm.  
  • When an issue arises with the kids, ask yourself the important question of “Is this a kid problem, or is this a mom problem?”  In other words, work to discover if the problem is arising by how the child has received instruction about a task or how to work through something.  
  • Work through the “how” of teaching kids to do chores.  Model the chores for them, do the chores with them, and repeat!  Modeling chores includes both the how-to as well as the attitude with which we complete the work.  Eventually, kids will be able to independently complete various tasks around the house; make tasks fun!  
  • Have tea parties! (Or picnics, or make s’mores).  Including various special family time into your home habits adds elements of whimsy and helps foster fond memories.  
  • Allison also includes a bonus boy mom tip that can work wonders for helping to keep bathrooms clean 🙂   

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