Tiny Habits – Tiny Habits – Creating Prompts for New Habits l EP# 77

May 10, 2021 | 0 comments

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In today’s episode, host Allison Schaaf talks about how to create a prompt, or reminder, for new habits.

There are hundreds of prompts every day that drive your actions. No behavior is happening without a prompt. BJ Fogg describes three types of prompts in his book, Tiny Habits:

Person Prompt – You remind yourself to do something. This is not the most reliable.

Context Prompt – Something in your environment reminds you to do something. This could be a sticky note or an alarm on your phone. This works well for one-time actions you want to remember, like running an errand, but it isn’t the best for daily habits.

Action Prompt – Something in your existing routine prompts a new behavior. This is also called an anchor and it is the most effective kind of prompt for a new habit.

For example, take your supplements right after you make your morning tea. Schedule a new habit for every day after you check the mail.

I’ve started doing my weekly meal prep while making Sunday lunch. This works well because my anchor and habit match in location (the kitchen) and frequency (once a week).

Other examples of potential anchors for meal prep include:

  • Do grocery pickup on the way home from your Saturday morning workout, then do meal prep right when you get home. 
  • Use Saturday nap time for meal prep if you have little kids.
  • Complete your meal prep right after you get home from church if you go regularly.

Find something that already exists in your life and add your new habit on to it. Don’t be afraid to experiment if your anchor isn’t working.

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