Tiny Habits – Celebrating Your Habit Change Wins l EP# 78

May 17, 2021 | 0 comments

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Continuing with our Tiny Habits series, Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf discusses the role of emotions in creating habits.

Tiny Habits Author BJ Fogg emphasizes the importance of using positive feelings, rather than negative ones, to create habit change. Celebrating small successes with your new habit makes it fun and encourages you to keep going.

How do you create these little celebrations for new habits, and specifically for meal prep?

It doesn’t have to be big, it can be a high five with your partner, a little victory dance or even a silent “good job!” to yourself. Have fun with it!

Spend a few minutes reflecting on how you naturally celebrate. Is there something you already do? Don’t force it, find what you naturally do anyway. 

If you’re trying to start a meal prep habit, use our Facebook group to celebrate your win! We always love seeing and encouraging each other’s meal prep.

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