Tiny Habits – Together! l EP #81

Jun 7, 2021 | 0 comments

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How do your family, friends and community impact your habits? How do we change together?

In today’s episode, host Allison Schaaf invites you to join the conversation as we continue to explore BJ Fogg’s book, Tiny Habits, and what it means for meal prep.

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Then look for the threads on the following topics and share your thoughts, ideas and questions with the group!

Prompt – What is going to trigger you to complete your new habit? What could you use as a prompt to complete weekly meal prep?

  1. Print your meal plan
  2. Set out your knife
  3. Leave groceries out until you prep
  4. Share your ideas with our Facebook community!

Ability – How do you make a habit easier to complete?

  1. Take a knife skills class
  2. Try using a food processor to complete your chopping
  3. Share your ideas on our Facebook group!

Celebration – Do you make time to mark your quick wins with a little celebration? How do you like to celebrate?

  1. Give your partner a high five
  2. Do a little victory dancy
  3. Celebrate each time you sit down to a calm and delicious dinner because you prepped!
  4. Share your tiny celebrations with us on Facebook!

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