Meal Planning Tips – How I Edit the Weekly Prep Dish Meal Plans for My Family l Ep#152

Jan 9, 2023 | 0 comments

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Prep Dish founder and mom of two, Allison Schaaf, shares meal planning tips on how she customizes the weekly Prep Dish meal plans.

Prep Dish founder and mom of two, Allison Schaaf, shares how she adjusts the weekly Prep Dish meal plans to meet her family’s needs. She walks through the January week 3 Super Fast meal plan and how she makes substitutions and edits quantities to make the most of the meal plan.

Meal Planning Tips – How to Customize a Meal Plan to Work for You

Quantity – My go-to is to double most of the recipes. My family eats most of our meals at home so we generally eat each meal once for lunch and once for dinner. There are some items I don’t double though, like garlic and fruit, as I usually already have those items on-hand.

Subs for Preference – I often sub lettuce for collard greens for wraps as it’s easier for my kids to eat.

Kid-Friendly – I sometimes add extra carbs to make sure the meals have enough carbs for the kids. For example, I like to do a 50-50 mix of cauli rice or broccoli rice and regular rice.

Protein – I sometimes switch up the protein based on what I have from Costco or Butcher Box. I also double or even triple the amount of protein to meet my family’s needs. This is also a great place to comparison shop in terms of prices for different cuts of meat that week.

Sauces – I often double the sauce recipes because I love to have a homemade sauce on-hand to liven up meals.

Allergies / Intolerances – I sub walnuts and pecans due to an intolerance. We include subs for common allergies, like nuts, in our weekly subscriber newsletter.

Spices – Over time, you won’t have to buy the spices every week as we use many of the same spices from week to week.

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