Subscriber Meal Prep Tips – Making Prep Dish Meal Plans Your Own! l Ep#151

Jan 2, 2023 | 0 comments

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In episode 151, Prep Dish founder Allison Schaaf shares tips on customizing the Prep Dish meal prep meal plans to make them work for you. This includes lots of tips and advice straight from real life Prep Dish subscribers!

Meal Prep Tips from Subscribers:

  • One subscriber adds meat to vegetarian meals and adds a carb to any low carb meal. Adding in a favorite side dish is a great way to make meals your own or stretch meals further for a bigger family.
  • Using separated recipes instead of the meal prep instructions works well for one family.
  • Another subscriber uses the gluten free meal plans because she loves the recipes but subs non-gluten-free items for gluten-free.
  • One subscriber said she doubles all of the recipes. She also subs pork chops for fish and subs ground beef or pork for ground chicken or turkey. She subs a whole chicken for a specific cut of chicken to save money. Finally, she’s found a friend to do Prep Dish as well, which has made it a lot more fun!
  • A low carb subscriber said she adds carbs for her husband and kids. Adding in some rice or bread to make the low carb meal plans work for kids is a great tip.
  • One person said she used a scale for the salad dressings for a while to get the ratio more exact, and now she can just eyeball it.
  • Another subscriber subs veggies based on what’s on sale and also swaps for allergies. Our weekly subscriber newsletter always includes tips for subbing for allergies!
  • Deconstructing meals can make them even more kid-friendly. This also makes it easier to mix and match to make new meals!
  • Adding legumes to recipes is an excellent way to bulk up a meal in a budget-friendly way. Including half legumes and half meat is a good way to do this.

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