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14 Fun Non Alcoholic Drinks – Perfect for Dry January, Whole30 Drinks or Pregnancy!

Jan 3, 2023 | Roundups | 1 comment

Fun Non Alcoholic Drinks

If you're looking for Dry January drinks, Whole30 drinks or simply fun non alcoholic drinks, we've got you covered! 14 Simple options below.

Whether you never drink alcohol or are looking for some fun Dry January drinks or Whole30 drinks, I've got you covered today!

I actually came up with a lot of these when I was doing a Whole30 myself and got a bit tired of simply drinking water. I know a lot of you are doing a Dry January or Whole30 right now so I wanted to share my favorite combinations. I find it so much easier to complete these goals if I replace that glass of wine with something fun that I also enjoy! Below you'll find a mix of healthy mocktails and cozy beverages perfect for after-dinner.

(And if you are doing a Whole30, make sure to check out my 7 Whole30 Meal Prep Tips!)

One general tip – for the mocktails, make sure to serve them in a champagne flute or wine glass! That little extra step makes the drink more fun and mimics some of the ritual inherent in sipping an adult beverage.

If you have any fun non alcoholic drinks, I'd love to hear about them! I'm always adding to the list, even when I'm not doing a Whole30. I find it helps me stay hydrated if I have some nice water alternatives in mind. Leave a comment or share with me on Facebook or Instagram @prepdish!

14 Fun Non Alcoholic Drinks

1. Basil & Orange Infused Water

One of my favorite tricks for making delicious, healthy non alcoholic drinks at home is creating infusions. This may sound fancy but it's actually incredibly simple!

All you do is place your herbs and fruit in a pitcher, fill with water and chill for a few hours to let the flavors seep in. Mint is common in water but I find other herbs like basil to be really tasty as well. Basil and orange-infused water is quite refreshing!

2. Sparkling Water w/ Lime Juice

I know the pre-flavored sparkling waters are quite popular but sometimes flavoring your own sparkling water is worth the tiny bit of extra effort! I find the classic combination of a bit of lime squeezed into sparkling water to be delicious. I also love that it's something I can order at a restaurant or bar or even request at a party, as these ingredients are always on hand.

If you drink a lot of sparkling water, I also recommend looking into a Soda Stream to make your own sparkling water at home. I got one a few years ago and use it all the time!

3. Warm Water w/ Lemon, Ginger & Fresh Turmeric

If you're looking for more of a cozy, winter beverage, nothing beats warm water with lemon, fresh ginger and fresh turmeric if you can find it. All you do is add some sliced ginger, sliced turmeric and fresh lemon juice to a mug and top with hot water. Let it steep as you would tea. You can also add honey if you're not doing a Whole30 and would like a touch of sweetness.

If you can't find fresh turmeric, this version uses turmeric powder.

4. Strawberry & Orange Infused Water

Strawberry and orange is another great combination for an infusion! Place some sliced strawberries and oranges in a pitcher, fill with cold water and refrigerate for a few hours to allow the flavors to develop.

5. Cucumber, Mint & Ginger Sparkling Water

This is a combination I love for when I want a really fun non alcoholic drink for a weekend night or special occasion. It feels more like a cocktail with the mint and ginger. I recommend crushing the mint a bit between your hands before adding to your glass to help release the flavors.

Add sliced fresh ginger, a few crushed mint leaves and a splash of lime juice to a glass of sparkling water. Enjoy!

6. Warm Water w/ Lemon & Cayenne Pepper (w/ Optional Honey)

If you like a bit of a kick, you can't beat warm lemon water with cayenne pepper. If you're not doing a Whole30, you can also add a bit of honey if you like. Simply mix fresh lemon juice and a dash of cayenne pepper with hot water. Experiment to find your desired level of spiciness but definitely start small!

7. Mint & Watermelon Infused Water

While it's admittedly better for the summer months, I had to include this supremely refreshing combination. Place cubed watermelon (<< See my easy way of chopping here!) and mint in a pitcher. Fill with cold water and let chill for a few hours. This is a fun one to serve to kids as well!

(If you love the mint & watermelon combo, make sure to check out my Watermelon Mojito Popsicles too!)

8. Sparkling Water w/ Splash of Apple Cider Vinegar

Okay, stick with me here. I know this one may sound strange but it's a combination I've personally grown to love. It's as simple as it sounds too – all you do is add a splash of apple cider vinegar to a glass of sparkling water! This somehow reminds me of hard cider and feels fun to sip on when I'm looking for a healthy mocktail or a Whole30 approved drink that still feels festive.

9. Fresh Raspberry & Basil Infused Water

Fresh raspberries and basil are another one of my favorite easy infusions. Just add the berries and basil leaves to a pitcher, fill with cold water and chill. Infusions like this are also fun to serve at a brunch or dinner party. They're super easy to thrown together and look beautiful on the table!

10. Rosemary & Grapefruit Sparkling Water

Rosemary is another fresh herb that works well in infusions. I personally have tons of rosemary growing in our yard so always love finding new ways to use it, too!

Place grapefruit slices and a sprig or two of rosemary in a pitcher. Fill with water and set in the fridge for a few hours to let the flavors seep in.

11. Looseleaf Tea

Tea is of course a common Dry January drink or Whole30 approved drink. I wanted to highlight it here though to encourage you to find a tea that feels a bit special. For me, that's the looseleaf tea from Siply here in Austin. They have the most amazing teas and I really feel like I'm giving myself a treat when I brew a cup. I've been particularly loving their lavender mint blend lately! I also love rooibos chai tea and tulsi tea but the key is to find the one that you'll look forward to.

I think a lot of the challenge of giving something up, like alcohol, is feeling deprived. Finding an alcohol alternative to sip on that really feels special makes it so much easier.

12. Homemade Chai Spiced Hot Cocoa

My Chai Spiced Hot Cocoa is an excellent fun non alcoholic drink, perfect for when you want something festive and cozy! The honey is completely optional, so you can enjoy this even if you're completing a Whole30 challenge. (Just check the ingredients in your coconut milk to make sure they're Whole30-approved as brands differ.)

If you love both tea and chocolate like I do, this one is a definite winner!

13. Golden Milk Latte

I've always loved golden milk lattes but recently found a pre-mixed version I'm obsessed with! You can find the Saku Tea Golden Chai Turmeric Latte Blend on Amazon or on their website. The ingredients are turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, black pepper and clove. The mix is organic, sugar free and gluten free. While I've made my own golden milk lattes plenty of times, I find this version particularly smooth and delicious!

14. Ghia

I discovered this non-alcoholic aperitif while I was out with friends recently in Austin and have ordered it to enjoy at home. I love the bitter and herbaceous notes. To me, this is every bit as good as a cocktail! You can read more about Ghia here on their website.

Whether you're completing a Dry January, Whole30, are pregnant, or simply looking for more healthy beverage options, I hope you find a new favorite in this list!

And If you are completing a Whole30, I have a done-for-you reset meal plan that works well with the popular challenge. I use it myself when I do Whole30!

More Considerations for Whole30 Drinks

If you're specifically looking for Whole30 drinks, you'll need to avoid more than just alcohol. You'll also need to avoid any type of sweetener and certain additives.

So, for instance, if you go for a golden milk latte, it will need to be unsweetened. Additionally, all sweetened beverages are noncompliant so Ghia, while only sweetened with date concentrate, would also not be a completely compliant Whole30 drink. Any of the infused waters or sparkling waters, however, would make excellent Whole30 drinks.

FAQ – Everything You want to Know about Fun Non Alcoholic Drinks

What is the best drink without alcohol?

To me, the best drink without alcohol, is one that still gives you that feeling of drinking something a little bit special. I love infused waters and infused sparkling waters for this, especially when they include herbs like fresh mint, rosemary, or basil.

What can I drink instead of alcohol at a party?

Sparkling water with lime is always a good choice at a party, as it's almost always available. When I'm hosting a party, I love offering something a bit more special like one of the infused sparkling waters above.

What drinks to bring for potlucks?

An infused water like my Cucumber, Mint & Ginger Sparkling Water or my Basil & Orange Infused Water are both excellent choices for a potluck.

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  1. Angela Laxson

    This came at the perfect time! Great inspiration during my whole 30 this month.
    One of my favorite is lime sparkling water with Tajin around the rim with extra lime! Great for taco night!


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