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Prep Dish Meal Plans Subscriber Spotlight: Rhetta Conn

May 3, 2018 | Subscriber Spotlight | 0 comments

We are very excited to feature Prep Dish Meal Plans subscriber, Rhetta Conn. Rhetta first heard of Prep Dish from the Your Life Rocks podcast. We caught her eye because she has been trying to help her son heal his GI issues from the inside out, with diet being a big part. Slightly overwhelmed, she turned to us for help. Here's her story!

Meet Rhetta!

Rhetta Conn, Prep Dish Subscriber
Rhetta Conn & Her Sweet Family

How did find Prep Dish?  
I heard an interview with Allison Schaaf on one of my favorite podcasts, “Your Life Rocks.”  She presented a very balanced, sensible approach to good family nutrition.

What made you subscribe to Prep Dish Meal Plans?
My family enjoys eating a healthy diet and we wanted to eliminate gluten due to my son's GI issues.  We have tried many services to help with this in the past including meal planning, grocery delivery, and even meal delivery.  We found that these systems had their benefits, but were either too time-intensive or too expensive for us, so I kept searching for something that would better suit our needs.  When I heard Allison speak on the podcast, I was intrigued. I even tried to implement some of her meal-planning concepts on my own, but with my busy schedule, it was impossible to find the time to organize it all.  I was tired of eating and cooking the same old stuff, and resorting to takeout when we didn't have time to plan meals, shop, or cook. With baseball season approaching for both kids, I knew I had to give Prep Dish a try.  I signed up for the Premium Subscription and I am so glad I did!

How has Prep Dish changed how you approach meal planning and preparation?  
It feels like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders because the stress of meal planning is gone.  I know the weekly recipes will provide enough good nutrition for my family, so I don't have to feel guilty if we eat the occasional pizza at a birthday party.  I enjoy the surprise of new recipes each week and trying new types of food. We never get bored with Prep Dish!

Who does the “Prep Day” at your house and when do you do “Prep Day” (day/time)?
I usually go pick up the groceries on Saturday morning around 8:00 (we order them online the day before) while my husband preps the kitchen and stays with the kids.  I like doing grocery pickup and prep the same day because it's just easier not to have to shuffle the food around so much once I bring it home. Then I will spend 2-3 hours doing prep, trying to finish before lunchtime so I will have the rest of the weekend to spend with my family.

Do you have any favorite time-saving tips for meal planning?  
Read and organize the entire grocery list and prep day instructions prior to food shopping.  Order groceries online if possible and pick up the same day as prep day. To help keep me organized on prep day, I use a pack of 8 differently-colored highlighters to color code each meal on paper, then I use post-it tabs in corresponding colors to label the food.  For example, Meal 1's ingredients and instructions are highlighted in orange, then I use orange post-its to identify the foods in the fridge that go with that meal. This way if my husband needs to take care of Dish Day, he knows which color to look for.

Do you find that you are seeing a difference in your food budget since using our plans?
My grocery spending has increased slightly because I am more intentional about choosing real, organic foods.  However, we spend much less dining out than we did before so that more than makes up for it!

And now for some fun….

What is your favorite GF/Paleo recipe? Are you willing to share with us ;)?
I like to make these Wheat-Free Pancakes and serve with berries and honey! Great weekend treat!

Thank you, Rhetta! We appreciate all of your time and great tips!

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